# Author Title
194 Nageswar Rao Kota Content Based Network Representational Learning for Movie Recommendation
295 Krishnamurthy K T Design and Development of Walking Monitoring System for Gait Analysis
442 Baskaran Thangarajan Hybrid Model Using interacted-ARIMA and ANN Models
488 Akash Banikl Name Entity Recognition for Transliterated Bengali Text using Machine Learning Algorithm
777 Bethany Gosala A Deep Learning based Model to study the influence of different brain wave frequencies on depression
984 Koyyalagunta Krishna Sampath Traffic Prediction in Indian Cities from Twitter Data using Deep Learning and Word Embedding Models
1287 Maneesha Gudapati Incremental Classifier in the Semi Supervised Learning Environment
1301 V. Swapna Statistical analysis of the monthly costs of OPEC Crude oil using Machine Learning models
1536 Anwesh Reddy Paduri Redefining the World of Medical Image Processing with AI – Automatic Clinical Report Generation to Support Doctors
1591 Dudla Anil Kumar Shufflenetv2: An Effective Technique for Recommendation System in E-Learning by User Preferences
1606 G.Senthil Kumar A survey on recent Text Summarization techniques
1653 Anand Krishna R Automatic Differentiation Using Dual Numbers - Use Case
1859 Rugved Pandit Stock Market Intraday Trading using Reinforcement Learning
1966 Aman Tewari Fitness trainer using machine learning and computer vision
2182 Nagarjuna Chereddy Evaluating the Utility of GAN Generated Synthetic Tabular Data for Class Balancing and Low Resource Settings
2272 Atharwa Wagh Clinical Abbreviation Disambiguation using clinical variants of Transformers architecture BERT
2284 Sagar Mekala Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic based Intelligence Algorithm for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
2333 Sebanti Majumder Heuristics for K-Independent Average Traveling Salesperson Problem
2500 Sanjana Arisetti Sign Language Interpretation using Deep Learning
2682 Niharika Wamane A Comparative Study of Deep Learning Algorithms for Early Detection of Melanoma Skin Cancer on Dermoscopic and Non-Dermoscopic Images
2797 Anwesh Reddy Paduri Conversational AI: A study on capabilities and limitations of Dialogue Based System
2819 Battina Srinuvasukumar A Learning based Routing Approach using Deep Reinforcement Learning in IoT Integrated Wireless Sensor Network
2970 Akshay S iSTIMULI: Prescriptive Stimulus Design for Eye Movement Analysis of patients with Parkinson’s Disease
3073 Bharath Raj Anand Kumar Evaluating the Performance of Diverse Machine Learning Approaches in Stock Market Forecasting
3092 Sabhapathy Myakal Pixel Value Prediction Task: Performance Comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Neural Network
3222 Sandhya Rani A Parallel and Distributed Query Processing in Attributed Networks
3319 Naga Malleswara Rao B Predicting the Droughts Using Artificial Neural Networks – A Case Study
3373 Ravi Uyyala Gradient Directional Predictor for High Fidelity Images
3521 Agashini V Kumar Assessing Reading Patterns of Learners through Eye Tracking Technology
3533 Ramesh Babu Gurujukota A Context Sensitive with Effective Task Migration in Mobile Cloud Computing Services
3567 Anwesh Reddy Paduri Stress and Engagement Detection System at Secondary schools in Tier 1 School
3625 Sunanda Perla Low Light image Illumination Adjustment using Fusion of MIRNet and Deep Illumination Curves
3757 Anoop V. S. We chased COVID-19; Did we forget Measles? - public discourse and sentiment analysis on spiking Measles cases using natural language processing
3846 Sanchit Vashisht Pneumonia Detection and Classification with CNN-GAN Augmentation Using Fine Tuning
4003 Debatosh Chakraborty A study on the research progress of multimodal sentiment analysis in Indian languages
4033 Neelima Guntupalli Artificial Intelligence as a Service: Providing Integrity and Confidentiality
4332 Swati Agarwal AI Based Employee Attrition Prediction Tool
4358 Kalyan Chakravarthy A novel deep learning based Improved Cluster based Region Classifier algorithm to recognize and categorize emotions using EEG Signals
4451 Derwin Suhartono Book Recommendation Using Double-Stack BERT: Utilizing BERT to Extract Sentence Relation Feature for A Content-Based Filtering System
4688 Santosh Tirunagari Addressing Challenges in Healthcare Big Data Analytics
4760 Rohit Ahuja A Blockchain-driven Framework for Issuance of NFT-based Warranty to Customers on E-commerce
5061 Akshay Badola Re-examining Class Selectivity in Deep Convolutional Networks
5076 Madhavi Pappula Multi-dimensional STAQR Indexing Algorithm for Drone applications
5125 Anirban Choudhury Interpreting Chest X-Ray Classification Models: Insights and Complexity Measures in Deep Learning
5137 Anoop V S Conversational artificial intelligence in digital healthcare: A bibliometric analysis
5172 Rohini A. Bhusnurmath Bark texture classification using deep transfer learning
5267 Mohammed Ozair Omar Rescheduling exams within the announced tenure by using Reinforcement Learning
5519 Srinivasulu Sirisala Node Cooperation Enforcement Scheme for enhancing Quality of Service in MANETs using Machine Learning Approach
5875 Vijai Danni Generative Adversarial Network for Augmenting Low-Dose CT Images
5953 Ashwitha Gatadi LPCD: Incremental Approach for Dynamic Networks
5960 Dr E Uma Reddy Applying machine learning for portfolio switching decisions(PFSD)
6165 Suhail Afroz Dynamic Twitter Topic Summarization using Speech Acts
6332 Harinath Kuruva Visualization Recommendation for Incremental Data based on Intent
6356 Durgesh Dvs Improving Software Effort Estimation with a Heterogeneous Stacked
Ensemble Using SMOTER and Extreme Learning Machine as Base Learner
6630 Rahul Kumar Gautam Centrality Measures based Heuristics for Perfect Awareness Problem in Social Networks
6808 Ram Anirudh How Good are Transformers in Reordering?
6844 Krishna Mridha Automating Malaria Diagnosis with XAI: Using Deep-Learning Technologies for More Accurate, Efficient, and Transparent Results
6944 Shravani M. On some properties of a new PoisN wavelet family
7260 Sudhakar Kalva Stock market Investment Strategy using: Artificial Intelligence Deep-Q-Learning Network
7349 Suhail Ahmed Shaik Sentiment Analysis and Classication on Digital India Tweets: A Comparative Study
7632 Aniruddh Acharya Swarm Learning for Accelerating Cancer Research to aid Personalization of Treatments
7716 Shreyas Ajgaonkar EduKrishnaa: A Career Guidance web application based on Multi-Intelligence using
Multiclass Classification Algorithm
7724 Jayesh Gulani Nuclei Segmentation Approach for Computer Aided Diagnosis
7843 Kishore Kumar N L A Deep Learning Approach for Vehicle Class Classification using FASTag
7855 Prabhas Raj N Ontological Scene Graph Engineering and Reasoning over YOLO objects for
creating panoramic VR content
7952 Himanshu Singh Eye Blink – A Mode of Communication
8033 Naresh Kumar Co-Clustering based Methods and their Significance for Recommender Systems
8093 Radhika Chelle A Review on Designing of Memory Computing Architecture for Image Enhancement in AI Applications
8096 Vamsi Krishna Mulukutla Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data on ‘The Agnipath Yojana’
8288 Sabhapathy Myakal A Novel Pixel Value Predictor Using Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Network
8538 Panich Sudkhot Planning Strategy for Crowd Simulation
8558 Hrushikesha Mohanty Digital Life: An Advent of Transhumanism
8576 Rajendra Kumar Roul An Ensemble Technique to Detect Stress for Young Professional
8578 C Vijaya Simha Reddy Interpretable Chronic Kidney Disease Risk Prediction from Clinical Data
9057 Mahpara Yasmin Mohd Minhaz A Multi-modal Approach using Game Theory for Android Forensics Tool Selection
9188 Chetan Mudlapur Live Bidding Application: Predicting Shill Bidding Using Machine Learning
9298 Anita Thengade Deep Network for Detection and Classification of Knee Injuries using MRNet dataset
9879 Akshay S iAOI: An Eye Movement based Deep Learning Model to identify Areas of Interest
9983 Namrata Nair Alzheimer’s Detection and Prediction on MRI Scans: A Comparative Study



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